Benefits and Approach

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a complementary alternative medicine. It is similar to acupuncture in the sense that it works with your body to activate the natural healing process. Reiki is non-invasive, my hands simply lay or hover over the body. Reiki works with your body to restore physical and emotional well being. Reiki can help with something as simple as a headache or as complex as chronic depression. By promoting balance in our bodies, we see a reduction of stress and an increase of relaxation. 

How is your approach different?

I look at my clients body just as an architect does a house. Before we have a completely finished and fully functioning house, we have to start from the ground up. An architect starts by developing a blueprint. The blueprint helps map out the steps to take from building the foundation then the structural walls until eventually we visually see a complete house built.

If we look at our own bodies in this context, our internal foundation must be balanced before we start to build onto it. If we begin building, without a solid foundation, we often run into problem that express themselves in our external world. When we work to strength the foundation we then start to see a profound effect on our external life. We begin to have more abundance, love, joy and success. 

I developed the different packages to allow my clients to work at their comfort. You are in charge of your life, I simply help guide the way! 

What can I expect from a session with you? 

After we have established your blueprint in the intro alignment assessment, your session will be about one hour. You are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing and avoid caffeine, if possible. We will begin the session with a brief conversation about what our focus will be. The session itself is very relaxing and requires only your willingness to close your eyes and let your body begin realigning! After the session is complete, we will discuss anything that comes up for you and any additional comments you'd like to share.